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Market Reviews

Market Reviews Forecast – 2021 Real Estate Market Forecast for the 2021 Real Estate Market in the Las Vegas Valley -2021   Daily we receive questions regarding the future of the Real Estate Market in the Las Vegas valley.  Specifically, whether it is a good time to buy or is it better to wait for a potential Real Estate bubble to burst and […]
Information for clients The Las Vegas Spring market has shifted to Fall in 2020 The Las Vegas Spring market has shifted to Fall in 2020   Historically, the number of residential properties closing is highest April, May, June, July and August as families prepare for a fall school year and second home owners purchase their winter homes.  Because of the state mandated shut down in mid-March, we experienced a […]
Information for clients Las Vegas Valley New Home Sales Nearing 2006 levels Las Vegas Valley New home sales nearing 2006 levels.   Through the first four months of the year, new home closings have reached 3,264; a 22% increase over the same period last year.  If new home closings continue at this rate, we will have seen nearly 10,000 new homes closed in 2018; less than 2006 […]
Information for clients Luxury Real Estate is Defined in the Las Vegas Market If you describe Real Estate as Luxury enough times, it starts to lose its meaning.  Luxury is entirely overused in the Real Estate market to describe properties that do not meet the general definition of a Luxury Real Estate Property.  In fact, the term Luxury has been used to describe Ultra Luxury Real Estate; homes […]
Market Reviews 2017 Las Vegas Real Estate Market Summary  The 2017 Las Vegas Real Estate Market Summery. 2017 turned out to be a positive year in the Real Estate market for our clients.  36% Average Sales price has increased in the past five years.  Our 2017 Las Vegas Real Estate Market Summary determined in December of 2013, the Average sales price for a Residential Single Family home […]
Market Reviews Residential Real Estate average Sales Price has increased 86% since May, 2012   If you live out of state you may not be aware of the Real Estate market in the Southern Nevada; the activity in the market  is incredibly strong and there may be a possibility of creating a Tax Free Exchange.   Southern Nevada residential Real Estate has increased 9% since the first of the […]
Market Reviews For a few hundred dollars more a month you may be able to enjoy a larger home because of homeowner equity and interest rates.   Homeowner equity at 85% in Southern Nevada. Great News for Southern Nevada; nearly 85% of homeowners in have equity in their homes. This is an increase over 2015; in which only 79% of homeowner’s had positive equity. If you have positive equity and you want to move up to a larger home or a […]
Market Reviews 2016 Las Vegas Real Estate Market in Review Even in light of the increased number of new construction sales in our market; resales closings have increased by 9% in 2016:   Resale Closings             Year 34,525                            2014 36,422                            2015 40,028                            2016   The increase in the number of closings between 2014 and 2016 was 5,503; a 16% increase.  This is a sign of a […]
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