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Residential Real Estate average Sales Price has increased 86% since May, 2012



If you live out of state you may not be aware of the Real Estate market in the Southern Nevada; the activity in the market  is incredibly strong and there may be a possibility of creating a Tax Free Exchange.


  • Southern Nevada residential Real Estate has increased 9% since the first of the year.
  • Depending on how long you have owned your property here, your property may have increased in value up to 86%.


Average Single Family Sales Price


May, 2012                            $161,003

May, 2013                            $214,490

May, 2014                            $236,850

May, 2015                            $245,985

May, 2016                            $275,209

May, 2017                            $299,046


If you purchased your property in May, of 2012 your property could have potentially increased in value 86%.  If you purchased in 2015, values went up 21%.


Properties are selling over list and buyers are bringing in cash above appraised values.  Do get an accurate picture of your property valuation, contact me by phone or email and I will forward you the details.  Investors are still buying because the market is strong and they are seeing a continued increase in pricing.


If your Real Estate investments have increased in value, you may be in a position to sell and do a tax free exchange and purchase multiple properties with the cash from a sale.  This is a great way to leverage your current investment.


If you would like to discuss your situation in detail please reach out to me.    For more information on the market you can go to my blog or Facebook page.

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The History of Lake Las Vegas

Lake Las Vegas is a 3,600 acre Master plan community surrounding a 360 acre man-made lake with 10 miles of shoreline, located within 25 minutes of the Las Vegas strip.


The History of Lake Las Vegas

Actor J. Carlton Adair conceived Lake Las Vegas around 1967 as “Lake Adair.”  At the time he purchased the land and water rights.  In 1987, Ronald Boeddeker acquired 2,000 acres from the US Government when Adair went bankrupt.  The property was acquired by Transcontinental Properties in 1990.  That same year, 3 billion US gallons of water were diverted from nearby Lake Mead to fill the lake.  The lake was built on top of the Las Vegas Wash, which continues to flow under the lake in two 96 inch diameter pipes.  In 1995, Henry luck, the former chairman and chief executive officer of Caesars World, became the co-Chairman of Transcontinental Properties.  With Sid Bass and Lee Bass, two billionaires from Fort Worth, Texas, he developed the new community.  The project cost US $5 billion.


On July 28, 2008, Lake at Las Vegas Joint Venture, LLC filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  Lake Las Vegas emerged from bankruptcy in July 2010 with a plan that took nearly two years to complete.  All existing debt was wiped away and the development had $30 million in hand to complete several of the unfinished infrastructure projects.


In 2012, John Paulson purchased 835 acres for $17.3 million from Highland Capital and Credit Suisse.  Paulson invested more than $50 million upgrading Lake Las Vegas.  The development includes a beautiful village and the South West end of the lake with restaurants and retail.  The Westin and Hilton Hotels offer luxury accommodations and fine dining.  Real Estate offerings include Waterfront homes and Homesites, twelve active new home communities and many resale homes.  Lake activities start at the village and include all non-gas powered fun; paddle boarding, kayaking, electric boats and swimming.  There are two golf courses; both Jack Nicklaus signature courses.  A new Sports Club located off of Lake Las Vegas Parkway includes pools, fitness classes, Tennis courts, Fitness facilities, Pickle Ball and a Members Lounge.

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The Las Vegas Spring market has shifted to Fall in 2020

The Las Vegas Spring market has shifted to Fall in 2020


Historically, the number of residential properties closing is highest April, May, June, July and August as families prepare for a fall school year and second home owners purchase their winter homes.  Because of the state mandated shut down in mid-March, we experienced a shift in this trend.  March was still a strong closing month, with April, May and June very slow and a rise in July, August and September closings.  Based on the number of resale homes currently under contract, October will also be a strong month for closing with 4,047 properties under contract and closing in October and November.


We are expecting the current low inventory to increase as tenant occupied properties are made available to show.  With some renters not paying rent and homeowners not legally being able to collect rents, some investors are expected to put their investment properties on the market.  As difficult as it is for renters who have lost their jobs and have not been able to pay their rent, it has been very challenging for small investors to continue to make their payments when they are not receiving the rents from the tenants.


Governor Sisolak’s Directive allows open houses effective October 1st with guidelines

Open houses of single family and multifamily properties may not take place with the occupant present.  There will be a limited number of people allowed in an open house.  Attendees at the open house will be required to sign a COVID-19 release and disclosure before entering the open house.  Face masks are required for all guests and agents at the open house.  Social distancing guidelines apply.


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Do you wonder what the process is for determining the value of your home?

The process for determining the value of your home involves several simple but critical steps. Seller’s also need to understand that maintaining your home and your systems does not necessarily mean you have added value.

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Are Short Term Rentals advertised in VRBO Legal in Las Vegas?

What is a short-term residential rental?

Short-term rentals are generally defined as the rental of a residential property (e.g. house, condominium, room, garage apartment, etc.) for a period of less than 30 days.  Often these rentals are advertised on-line on sites such as Airbnb and Homeaway.

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Las Vegas Valley New Home Sales Nearing 2006 levels

Las Vegas Valley New home sales nearing 2006 levels.


Through the first four months of the year, new home closings have reached 3,264; a 22% increase over the same period last year.  If new home closings continue at this rate, we will have seen nearly 10,000 new homes closed in 2018; less than 2006 but nearing those levels.  Building permits pulled in April were 1,047, a 28% increase from April of 2017.  This brings the total number of building permits through April of 2018 to 4,059, 33% higher than last year.  If this pace continues we will have over 12,000 permits pulled in 2018.  This increase in permits pulled will pave the way for strong new home sales in 2018 and 2019.


With the increase in new construction sales, construction worker talent is in high demand.  There is currently a shortage of construction workers which has slowed down the build time from four months to build a new home to six months.


The current median new home closing price in April was $374,440.  This is an increase of 11 percent over prior year.  Many factors are causing this increase including; labor shortage, material costs, land costs, high demand for new construction and supply shortage.


In California, all new homes will be required to install solar panels for whole house solar systems in an effort to save energy beginning January 1, 2020.  It will be interesting to see if Nevada follows in the same path.


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Luxury Real Estate is Defined in the Las Vegas Market

If you describe Real Estate as Luxury enough times, it starts to lose its meaning.  Luxury is entirely overused in the Real Estate market to describe properties that do not meet the general definition of a Luxury Real Estate Property.  In fact, the term Luxury has been used to describe Ultra Luxury Real Estate; homes of the world’s wealthiest 1% to a small kitchen re-model.

The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing, which specializes in training real estate professionals in high-end home sales, defines luxury as the top 10% of the Real Estate Market in any metropolitan market.   You may be surprised to know that 90% of the resale homes that sell in our market are under $630,000.

In addition, there is no official checklist for labeling a property as luxury.  Noteworthy, there are some general features that are common in upscale properties:

  • Gated communities or buildings with a high level of security
  • Prime Location
  • Professional Quality Kitchen Appliances
  • High End Interior Finishes
  • Customized Closets
  • Hotel like facilities if the property is located in a luxury building

In the Las Vegas Market in the preceding six months:
The top 10% of the market that sold was $630,000 or above that price point.  There were 593 homes that sold with an average days on market of 89 days.
The top 5% of the market that sold was $925,000 or above.  222 homes sold and were on the market an average of 105 days.
The top 1% of the market that sold was $3,000,000 and over.  25 properties sold with an average days on market of 164 days.

Finally, if you are questioning whether your home would be considered in the top 10% of the market, talk with your Windermere Prestige Properties Agent.  To preview our Luxury listings go to:  www.finevegashomes.com

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Rentals in High Demand and Inventory Low

Rentals in High Demand and Inventory Low


There is a thirty-day supply of rentals in the Las Vegas Valley, down dramatically from spring of 2017 where there was a ninety-day supply.  Why are rentals in high demand and inventory so low?   There are several factors affecting this market; one factor is the low inventory of affordable properties available for sale, making it difficult for buyers to find a home.


Buyers making offers and losing out on properties to higher bidders or cash buyers are getting frustrated and putting buying “on hold.”  These frustrated buyers are renting apartments, condo’s, townhomes and single-family homes in lieu of purchasing.  They may be back in the market but not until the market dynamics change.


Millennials, the 26 to 34-year olds, for the most part do not want the responsibility of home ownership, and they prefer to spend their money on experiences, not a mortgage payment.  Many in this age group are also carrying large amounts of student debt, which is impacting their ability to save a down payment or afford the monthly payment.


Vacancy rates have dropped dramatically over the past few years; from 9.48% in 2015 to 3.1% in 2018.  This demand has also pushed up overall rental rates.


This is good news for landlords, apartment owners, and Real Estate Investors.


Windermere Prestige Properties has many Rental Homes available; long term and short term.  To find out about these offerings go to:  www.finvegashomes.com or www.lakelasvegasvacation.com



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2017 Las Vegas Real Estate Market Summary

 The 2017 Las Vegas Real Estate Market Summery. 2017 turned out to be a positive year in the Real Estate market for our clients. 

36% Average Sales price has increased in the past five years.  Our 2017 Las Vegas Real Estate Market Summary determined in December of 2013, the Average sales price for a Residential Single Family home was $231,725; while in December,  2017 the average sales price was $316,359.  That is an increase over five years of $84,634 or 36%.

The total number of resale closings totaled 43,023 in 2017, an increase of 7.5% over 2016 and an increase since 2014 of 24%.  New construction closings are predicted to be over 9,000 for 2017 a year to year increase of 15%.  The average price of new construction is now over $350,000, an increase of 8% over prior year.

What does the future hold for our Real Estate Market and what does this mean for our clients buying and selling?

*. There are no immediate signs that would signal prices will start dropping, in fact we believe pricing will continue to climb.
*. Consumer demand is still strong.
*. There is no sign of over-building in new construction.
*. California residents average price for a home is $500,000.  This along with the Congressional proposed legislation to cap state and local taxes which could impact resident’s ability to itemize some deductions could be the catalyst to prompt our neighbors to move North to Nevada.
*. 43,000 homes or 10% of all mortgages are still underwater in Clark County.  A year ago 19% of the homes In Clark County were underwater.  Though the market is not completely healed, this is a step In the right direction.
*. There is a less than two month supply of housing.  
*. Interest Rates continue to be stable.

2018 should continue to move in the right direction for housing, with the number of closings both resale and new construction continuing to rise.  The economic forecasts continue to predict a population growth in Clark County of a minimum 2% a year.

For those considering purchasing In 2018, if your price point is under $400,000, properties in good condition, priced at or slightly above market are getting multiple offers and often sell over list.  Take this into consideration when your write your offer.

Those considering selling; 1). Make sure your home is in the best possible condition to that you get the best price, 2). Price your home at market or slightly above, and 3). Make sure your home is easy to show. Always,  utilize the skills of a professional Realtor with a proven track record.

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The Fountains Sales – compare with Zillow predictions


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