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Vacation Rental Business September 23, 2018

Are Short Term Rentals advertised in VRBO Legal in Las Vegas?

Every week we receive requests from clients to assist them identifying and purchasing Real Estate to utilize as a Vacation Rental business.  This increase in requests is a result of the favorable tourism business in the Las Vegas valley fueled by the additional of professional sports teams who have made Las Vegas their home.


However, the short-term rental business is not allowed in many areas.



Are short-term rentals legal?

Since 1998, rentals for fewer than 30 days have been forbidden in residential areas of unincorporated Clark County.  The prohibition applies to any lease of residential property for a period of thirty (30) consecutive calendar days or less.  In the city of Las Vegas, some short-term rentals are allowed if approved for a Special Use Permit, and the property meets the specific guidelines required by the City of Las Vegas and the property is not located in a Home Owner’s Association.  Contact the City of Las Vegas to clarify the details.  In the City of Henderson, short rentals are not allowed.


To obtain specific information regarding short-term rentals, you call the City offices below:

  • Boulder City – (702) 293-9202
  • City of Henderson – (702) 267-2323
  • City of Las Vegas – (702) 229-6011
  • City of Mesquite – (702) 346-5295
  • City of North Las Vegas (702) 633-1000


Penalties are being imposed on owners of illegal short-term rentals.  In Clark county, offending homeowners can be fined $1,000 a day.


Is there a legal alternative?

Yes, there are quite a few Hotel/Condo developments that are licensed as short-term rentals.  These Highrise and midrise projects will generally require you to utilize their on-site management team that holds the hotel license.  How does it work? You as the owner would purchase the condo, sign an agreement with the on-site management company and they would market and manage the guests.  Depending on your management agreement, you would be able to book dates out for yourself, your friends and your family.  A few of the projects that you could legally participate in a short-term rental program (by utilizing the on-site legal management company) are:  The Palms, Trump Tower, Viera at Lake Las Vegas, Luna Di Lusso at Lake Las Vegas and Signature.